SculptureWorks National Sculpture Exhibit on Display!

The world of art has come to life at the library this fall! Visit the library to see the many beautiful and amazing SculptureWorksTM sculptures on exhibit. In the years since SculptureWorksTM began, the company has remained devoted to the promotion of the nation’s public libraries through the placement and display of sculpture.
Stop by the library today to see countless sculptures on exhibit throughout the building! All sculptures on display are available for purchase from the sculptors.
Ongoing Children’s Programs During the SculptureWorksTM Exhibit: 
September: “Find a Sculpture” A Sculpture Scavenger Hunt for kids to promote awareness of the different sculptures and sculptors on exhibit.
October: “Be a Sculpture” Be creative! Wear a costume if you like, hold your favorite book, use your own body to pretend you are a sculpture, and pose for a photo in the library. “Sculpture Kids” photos will be displayed on a slideshow in the children’s 
area and on Facebook. 
November: “Make a Sculpture” Using your own modeling clay, make a sculpture to be displayed at the library. More details will be available at the Circulation Desk.
December: Draw a Sculpture” Come into the library and sketch one of the sculptures. Your drawing will be displayed in the library!
Click HERE for more information about SculptureWorksTM
Watch the video below that includes the Sculptures at your library!