Ice Skating Rink In Otsego!

Did you know that Otsego has an Ice Skating Rink!?!? We do! It is all thanks to the Otsego Main Street Volunteers! So bring your friends and family down to the ice skating rink located next to the Otsego Museum on North Farmer Street.
Otsego Main Street has been doing amazing things for Otsego and this ice skating rink is a wonderful addition to our town! To date, more than 120 people in our community have shown their support and volunteered to be a part of Otsego Main Street. This is very exciting for the community! You do not have to live in the City to be a Main Street volunteer! This downtown revitalization program is for anyone who loves Otsego and wants to see it thrive. If you would like information or would like someone to present the Program to your group, please contact City Hall at 692-3391.
(Cited from the Otsego Main Street Facebook Page)

For more information on the Otsego Main Street program follow the link below: