Delay on Tax Booklets & Forms

Both the State and Federal  tax forms have been delayed. The IRS has informed us that the booklets and forms are expected to arrive by mid February.  Although, some freight deliveries may go through late February. Booklets and forms are available online at if you need to print one off before our delivery comes in at the library.

Evelyn Sweet Gift

​Big things are happening at your library!
A wonderful former patron, the late Evelyn Sweet, left the library a generous gift of $31,442. Mrs. Sweet was a devoted patron who loved reading and enjoyed mysteries! She was very kind and always had a smile for the librarians when she visited.

Results of the Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale

We had another HUGE book sale at the library and were able to earn $1471.50! Books were sold from 10¢ to $1 on the first two days of the book sale and went for $1/bag on Monday. The money earned will come back to the library to help with future programming, especially the Summer Reading Program. 

The library would like to thank the Friends of the Library Volunteers for organizing and manning an amazing Book Sale! All of your hard work is greatly appreciated, thank you all!