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2017 Library Board Schedule

The Library Board of Trustees meets on a monthly basis to discuss library business and housekeeping. Meetings are open to the public and include a period of time for patrons to discuss comments and concerns. The board meetings are tentative and could be subject to change at any time. Keep an eye out for deviations in the schedule.

The Library Board meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM. Below are the meeting dates for 2017.

Remember the Library When You Do Your Shopping This Holiday Season

Just 3 Extra Mouse Clicks Before You Buy on Amazon Helps Support Your Library… Did you know that if you start your Amazon shopping from the Library’s Wowbrary (New Materials) page, that Amazon will donate the library 7.5% of what you spend on your purchases? This does not cost you any extra; it comes from Amazon to the library! 


We would like to extend a big thank you to all our patrons, and we would like to say a special word of thanks to those who donate to the library! Your financial gifts, change jar donations, donations of books and movies, and donations of volunteer time are very much appreciated and make a difference for your community here at the library!